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Myfin offers you a unique solution to your problems, specialising in developing tailor-made plans that suit your needs and match your expectations perfectly. Whether you are looking for professional legal advice at an affordable rate, or want to ensure the protection of your family and assets into the future with our comprehensive insurance plans, Myfin has the perfect solutions just for you.

The Myfin Product Offering


Create a comprehensive Will to deal with your assets and provide for your loved ones after your death. The reality is that anything can happen, and it’s important to be prepared. Be rid of unnecessary stress and ensure that your family is protected with a wills factory Will today!

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Choose from 23 pre-determined plans or an extensive tailor-made solution, which all offer rich benefits with unlimited private hospital cover, and full cover in our extensive healthcare networks. Join Southern Africas leading science based wellness programme.

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Empower yourself with 24/7 legal advice and support where and whenever you need it most! Our hand selected and accredited legal advisors are there to help you when the tough gets going. Apply online today to ensure full legal protection for both yourself and your business.

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Universal Funeral Plan covers a wide range of great benefits, so based on what you can afford, what your needs are, and who needs cover, providing you with a comprehensive tailor-made solution. Saying goodbye can be costly, so plan ahead and see which plan is best for you and your family.

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Get comprehensive Gap Cover to protect yourself against shortfalls on approved in-hospital specialist claims and specific out-of-hospital costs related to an approved admission. You also get cover for co-payments on approved endoscopies, MRI and CT scans and cancer related claims.

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